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    UTENSIL – Tales and Stories

    A new (October 2019) collection of tales and stories! UTENSIL is a first collection of artist/writer shorts I hope to continue on an Autumnal release schedule. This collection includes the short comics Simulation Days, Basement Bodies, Hang High The Window My Love, Dearly Beloved, and The Midwives of Talius Prime.

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    Familiar Strangers #1

    The debut of new Chimera’s of Holden County writer, Rob McFee, Familiar Strangers introduces Detective Jessie Byrne to the mysterious Pennsylvania County, having had his own encounter with the disappeared Mr. Someday.

    Part III of the Holden County Series by Rob McFee and Maximilian Morresi.

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    Warning For Wayfarers

    Something is wrong with the Holden County river, and travellers are warned to tread lightly.  Or go around – way around.

    Part II of the Holden County Series by Maximilian Morresi.

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    The Vanishing of Billy Someday

    What happened in the woods the night of February 21st to leave behind the skinned, irradiated remains of one Billy Someday, motorcycle enthusiast and local troublemaker? Is there a truly unhinged killer on the loose?

    Collected here for the first time are Holden County investigator’s collected and restored case notes.

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    The Anthology Effect, Collection One

    The Anthology Effect, Issue 1, Artwork, Stories, and Characters Copyright 2018, All Respective Creators and CCC.

    Consisting of Four, Eight-Page segments and displaying a near perfect Alchemist’s mixture of genres, as not to tie the reader down to one theme for this first issue, The Anthology Effect is a powerhouse issue right out of the gate!

    The creators have worked their own …